Afterlife has been discussed since the beginning of time, there have been reports of disturbing similarity and coherence and also incredible irrationality. Some are surprised to recognize places they have never visited yet. Others say they communicate with their deceased relatives. Others, finally, say they have come out of their bodies, have approached the threshold of the Afterlife and then return to the world of the living.

Afterlife Beliefs

Are Afterlife beliefs, hallucinations or another unexplained reality? These so-called extraordinary experiments, long denied or rejected by science, are today the subject of in-depth studies, and even teaching in some of the most illustrious universities and research centers.

For example, the Parapsychological Association, a group of scientists and academics studying telepathic and psychokinetic phenomena, has been accepted into the very serious Association for the Advancement of Science.

Scientists Are Trying To Understand Afterlife Strange Events

A perceptual studies division was created at the University of Virginia, United States; a center for the study of abnormal psychological processes was opened at the University of Northampton, in Great Britain. Not to mention the Center for Research on Afterlife or Consciousness and Abnormal Psychology at Lund University, Sweden, or the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology, University of Andhra, India.

Recently The Catholic University of Lyon offers its students an optional unit of value entitled Sciences, society and so-called paranormal phenomena.

On the other hand, scientists, daring enough to face the critical thinking of their peers, are trying to understand Afterlife strange events. Armed with the tools of brain imaging, they explore the brain, experiment without a priori, ready as well to admit that the phenomenon is linked to a simple neuronal disorder that recognizes the existence of a sixth sense, so far that the demonstration is done in a Cartesian way.

This is the case of Canadian Mario Beauregard, a neuroscience researcher, who installs video screens in a coronary unit of a Montreal hospital to study the phenomenon of near-death experiences (EMI).

It is also that of the Swiss neurologist Olaf Blanke, who dissects the feeling of decorporation while recognizing that many gray areas remain to be elucidated. Research that aims to understand the origin and mechanisms of the Afterlife better!

The Afterlife Is More Advanced In Greater Form

Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard well-informed neurosurgeon, fell into a coma for a 7-day period years ago after getting meningitis. All through his sickness, Dr. Alexander states that the section of his mind which manages human being thought as well as emotion shut down knowing that he then encountered something Afterlife which wasnso outstanding that it gave me a logical reason to have confidence in consciousness after death.

In an essay for National magazine Newsweek, which he had written to market his publication Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander states that he was met by a gorgeous blue-eyed lady in a place of clouds, huge fluffy pink-white types, and also glowing beings.

He goes on: Birds? Angels? All these words recorded later, while I was authoring down my recollections. However nor of these words do justice to the beings themselves, which have been simply different from everything I have understood around the world. These Afterlife were more advanced in Greater forms.

The medical doctor adds that a huge as well as booming akin to a magnificent chant, also came down from above, and then I wondered if perhaps the winged beings were generating it. The sound was palpable as well as almost material, similar to a shower of rain that you could feel on your skin layer yet does not get you wet.

Dr. Alexander claims he had already heard stories from people who talked about Afterlife or just outer body encounters but had overlooked them just as wishful thinking, however, has reconsidered his thoughts and opinions following his very own encounter.


And to finally answer these Afterlife questions: is man only matter? Is the body a carnal envelope independent of the soul? Or does the human mind obey, in certain circumstances, forms of which we still know nothing? Through so many instances we’ve learned from people and a bit link from our own supernatural experience, the Afterlife truly exists.

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