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What You Need to Know about Baby Funeral

Nobody expected the need for a Baby Funeral when death is unpredictable and can it can happen to anyone, sometimes even a newborn baby. While we are fraught with a million questions as to the death of an innocent baby; ' Why is God so unfair?' or ' What has the Baby done to deserve this?', we must also not forget that God's ways are beyond our understanding.

It is precisely during this tough period that we should hold on tighter to God and not waver in our faith. We should remember that God ALWAYS has a purpose for our sufferings and we are not wise enough to see it just yet.

Christian Funeral Singapore Baby Funeral

Here are some tips to help deal with the death of a baby:

1. Take Time to Grieve the Loss of the Baby

Losing a baby is traumatising and therefore you might not want to conduct a Baby Funeral immediately. Take some time to grieve and compose yourself first. At this time, it is important for you and your spouse to support and comfort each other. Take refuge in knowing take God is with you during this tough period.

2. Consult a Funeral Director to Help You

With the emotional pain accompanying the loss of your beloved child, you might not have the mind to organise the funeral. You might also be too drained to do the necessary arrangements to put the Baby to rest. This is why you need a trusted Funeral Director to help with the planning of the Baby Funeral.

Seek referrals from friends and family so as to make sure you hire a good Funeral Director. If you have a personal preference for a female Funeral Director, make it known as well.

3. Prepare For The Baby Funeral 

Embalming is strongly discouraged for Babies during a Baby Funeral as the chemicals might prove too harsh on them. Therefore, the unfortunate reality is that the Babies would be encouraged to be cremated as soon as possible.

Due to the limited time available before cremation, it is advised that family members purchase any items they would want to place at the memorial service conducted at the crematorium. Typical things to buy would be flowers for decoration and toys/clothes to be placed either in the casket or at the niche during the internment of ashes.

If you are unable to find clothes of an appropriate size due to your beloved Baby being too small, fret not as our company would be able to help with that.

4. Post Baby Funeral Issues

The experience of losing a baby is something that might possibly stay with the parents for life. Please do not hesitate to contact the religious leaders or any counsellors for help. There are also support groups like the Child Bereavement Support whose members meet up regularly to provide support to one another.

Christian Funeral Singapore Baby Funeral

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