Choosing the Casket

Regardless if the body will be cremated or buried, choosing the right Casket is a decision that you need to make. There are different types of Casket Services that will suit your budget, the size, and preference. The materials used in creating the coffin can also vary; they can be made from metal, wood or fibreglass. The interior parts of the Caskets can also have different designs, colours, and materials.

Guide When Buying Casket

The Casket can be used in the burial rites of the cremated remains, mausoleum entombment, and ground burial. It can be availed at the online retailers, Casket showrooms, and funeral homes. The price range may start from $700-$20,000.

Metal Casket

The Casket made from metal is definitely the most durable type compared to the coffins that are made from wood material. They will mostly utilise the word ‘protective’ when selling the metal type. For the materials that are highly resistance against corrosion, the copper and bronze are definitely the most durable kind. Those who want to enjoy the durability but who are also looking for a more affordable option, will realize that the carbon steel and aluminium Caskets are the best choice. They are measured depending on the thickness of the material. The metal type of coffin comes with a gasket that will completely seal it and will prevent any unwanted components from getting inside the Casket.

Wood Casket

The hardwood type of Casket can be made from solid wood like pine, poplar, pecan, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and mahogany. The cost will depend upon the quality of the wood material used. The Caskets made from wood veneers will be more affordable compared to the Caskets made from hardwood materials. Pressed woods or fibre board would be the most affordable option.

Checking the Features of the Casket

Your Casket comes with various features that you need to consider. With regards to the lid, you may choose from the full couch or the half couch. On the half couch, the single lid is normally the only thing opened. This is perhaps the most common type of Caskets. You should also consider the lining material of the coffin. It can be made from different fabrics like velvet, linen, velour, and crepe. They will also have different styles such as tufted or ruffled.

The cost will also depend upon the material. There are also Casket that comes with special feature such as hidden compartment. It is a tiny compartment where you can place the personal items of the deceased person.

Finally, most of the crematories will also require that the body of the deceased will be enclosed in a leak-proof, rigid and combustible container. This will ensure the credibility of the process and will also protect the operator. This may be a cremation Casket that has the same design on the traditional type of Casket or Coffin. Some people choose a Casket or Coffin that they can use for the funeral service and the cremation. It may also be possible to rent the ceremonial Casket or Coffin and purchase a different type of container for the cremation.

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