Christian Funeral Process

When a person leaves written instructions for his Christian Funeral Process, it is much easier for his family to reason with relatives who are not Witnesses and that they respect the wishes of the deceased. Among some other things, the method or perhaps the way in which the Christian Funeral Process is to be performed, where it will take place and who will be responsible for organizing and supervising it (Gen. 50: 5) must be in writing. If the document is signed in front of one or more witnesses, it will have even more weight.

Some Christians find it uncomfortable to think about writing Christian Funeral Process instructions. However, doing so is a sign of spiritual maturity and love for family members who are in the truth (Philippians 2: 4). It is much better for the Christian to arrange Christian Funeral Process matters in life instead of leaving the problem to the believing relatives, because, in addition to suffering the pain of loss, they could be pressured to accept unclean practices in which they did not believe in.

Make Sure The Christian Funeral Process Is Simple And Modest

In many parts of the world, the belief is widespread that funerals should be large and lavish so as not to offend the spirits of the ancestors. Also, there are those who take advantage of the occasion to make an ostentatious display of their social and economic level (1 John 2:16). These people invest a lot of time, effort not to mention money to give their loved one a decent burial. They place large posters with the photo of the deceased in various places to publicize the Christian Funeral Process and attract more people.

They make T-shirts with the portrait of the deceased and distribute them to be used during the funeral. They also buy very expensive coffins to impress the audience. In some countries, there are those who go so far as to buy coffins in the form of a car, plane or ship to show off their money and position. Sometimes in Christian Funeral Process the body is removed from the coffin and placed on a specially decorated bed for the occasion.

Even some women who have died are dressed in a wedding dress, are adorned with many jewelry and makeup. Would you say that such customs are worthy of the servants of God?

Mature Christians perceive the need to avoid the extremes reached by people who do not know or want to know the principles of the Bible. Furthermore, they know that no anti-biblical tradition that encourages ostentation originates from the Father, but originates from the world (1 John 2: 15-17). We must be very careful in the Christian Funeral Process not to infect ourselves with the spirit of competition of this world (Gal 5:26). As experience shows, in cultures where the fear of the dead is deeply ingrained, funerals tend to become large and difficult to supervise out there, which soon get out of control.

The desire to venerate the dead can inflame the minds of those present and encourage them to do things that the Bible condemns. They could start crying and screaming wildly, hugging the deceased, talking to him as if he were still alive and fixed money and other objects on his clothes. If this happened at a Christian funeral, the name of Jehovah and the reputation of His people would be tarnished (1 Peter 1: 14-16)!

Knowing the true state of the dead must give us the courage to avoid worldly customs in our Christian Funeral Process (Eph 4: 17-19). Although Jesus was the greatest man in history, he was buried discreetly and simply (John 19: 40-42). And for those who have the mind of Christ, such a Christian Funeral Process is nothing shameful (1 Cor 2:16). If we want to avoid unbiblical practices and maintain a quiet and dignified environment for the servants of God at our funerals, it is best that they are simple and modest.

Should Christian Funeral Process Involve Happy Occasions?

In some places, the custom is that, after the Christian Funeral Process, the relatives of the deceased, the neighbors and the other guests organize a big party and dance. During these funerary celebrations, it is common for alcohol and immoral behavior to abound. Some people think that such parties help to mitigate the pain that causes death, and others consider that it is a feature of their culture. However, many see this revelry as a rite to be performed to honor and praise the dead and free the soul of the deceased so that he can reunite with his ancestors.

Christians perceive the wisdom of this biblical proverb: Irritation is better than laughter because the bad mood of the face improves the heart (Ecclesiastes 7: 3). We know that the most useful thing is to reflect on the shortness of life and the hope of the resurrection. For those of us who have a close relationship with Jehovah.

Given the fact that funerary festivities are related to occult beliefs and encourage immorality, Christians should not organize these celebrations in our Christian Funeral Process. We do not even attend them because that would be a lack of respect for God and the conscience of our brothers.


Today, many people in carrying out the so-called Christian Funeral Process live enslaved by the fear of the dead! Instead, we have been freed from that fear. How grateful we are! (John 8:32) Our way of expressing pain shows that we are "children of light" and that we know the truth about death.

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