Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funeral Services focuses on celebrating the person’s life on Earth. According to Christian teachings, death is when someone rests and enter Eternal Life. Death on Earth is but a physical death. Spiritually though, we are still alive. Physical death doesn't mean that it is the full stop to a person's life. Instead, there is hope in knowing that ultimately, Christians would reunite in God's Kingdom with a new flawless body.

Cornerstone of the Christian Faith

Christians believe that once a person dies, they remain asleep until Jesus's second coming [1 Cor 15:50-57]. When Jesus returns, both the righteous and wicked would be raised to life differently. The righteous will be raised to life with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God [1 Thes 4:16]; while the wicked will be resurrected into condemnation [John 5:28-29].

The main idea is that we Christians have nothing to fear about death because of the fact that Christ has conquered the grave. As aptly written in the bible to remind us that we need not fear death itself: ' Death is swallowed up in victory - 1 Cor 15:52,54'. We have to be reminded time and again to take heart in knowing that ultimately we will enjoy reunion with our loved ones in Heaven

The usual Christian Funeral Services includes Christian Funeral Process like:

Christian Funeral Prayers

Christian Funeral Prayers plays a crucial role in Christian Funeral Services. In fact, most Pastors or Ministers start the Christian Funeral Service with a prayer. During the service, family members, close friends or members of the clergy may offer prayers for the dearly departed's immediate family members. It is usually customary to prepare some prayers and worship songs before the service. Bowed heads and closed eyes are also expected as people pray in fervent reverence to God during the service.

At the reception table, there would be a complimentary Condolence Book where guests can pen down some prayers with bible verses to comfort family members. Family members then pass to visitors a small greeting card to thank visitors for taking time and effort to attend the funeral service. When read, the Condolence Book is sure to bring out intense emotions during which healing for the immediate family members might actually take place.

Readings from the Scriptures

Reading from the Bible is commonplace throughout the entire funeral - from the place of death all the way to the internment of ashes. The Pastor may do the reading or seek help from the mourners to do the readings.


An eulogy describes of the live of the dearly departed. It can be as simple as a few sentences to summarise the life of the beloved or a few paragraphs depicting how the deceased has greatly influenced your life. There is no hard and fast rule to writing an eulogy. The most important is that it should be written and spoken from the heart. The eulogy is considered a tribute and it is part of the Christian Funeral Services itinerary. It serves to celebrate the memories of the deceased and to share how the dearly departed has lived his/her life faithfully as a Christian till the very end of this Earthly life.

Pastoral Message

Generally, the Pastor is the main coordinator of the service. They may offer their message in the form of a preaching to the congregation during the wake. The message is unique for every Pastor but usually centres on the theme of Life, Death and the In-Between. It usually introduces the concept of Christ gaining victory over Death. The Pastor would make the message as relevant to the visitors as possible. Those touched by God's words or those with queries are always welcomed to clear their queries with the Pastor and other fellow Christians

Graveside/ Ash Collection

At the graveside (If the deceased is to be buried), scriptures will be read. However, the rituals will differ slightly based on the various denominations. The service usually ends with the minister's last words. Finally, the body will be lowered, and the Christian Funeral Services ends.

If family members prefer to cremate rather than to bury the dearly departed, the undertaker will make the arrangements for the collection of ashes. The ashes would then be interned at either a public or private columbarium. The ashes could also potentially be scattered into the open sea.

List of Christian Funeral Services:

Hearse Funeral Car
Embalming MakeUp Services
Funeral Procession
Funeral Flowers
Condolence Wreath
Funeral Wake
Death Certificate
Funeral Parlour
Exhumation Services
Funeral Buffet Catering
Funeral Arrangements
Obituary Placement
Appreciation Gifts
Overnight Security
Photography, Montage & Video Services
Comfort Cupcakes
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Baby Funeral

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