What In The World Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

Many people consider themselves to be Christians and do not know what that means. It does not have to do with a religion they say out there, while on the other hand, we must recognize that, it is impossible to separate the word Christian or Christianity from the concept of religion. Because religion is a form of relationship with God and Christ is the only religion that allows us the relationship with the only true God.

Others say that they love Jesus and therefore consider the term Christian to be their own. However, saying that Jesus Christ is loved does not adequately satisfy what is required for someone to be considered Christian. Many people, who say they love Jesus as they often say to feel in trust with him, do not know the scripture, do not know or respect what he said, what his apostles taught and therefore refer to another Jesus, not the son of God.

Considering that I know the sacred scripture, I present some valid definitions so that a person, organization or activity, can be considered Christian can also clarify some misconceptions:

Christian Prayers in Church

A Church is formed when 2 Christians come together and prayers can be conduced in the name of God for better health and wealth with the Holy Bible.

Christian is a sinner

A Christian is a person who recognizes himself as a sinner, unable to earn God's forgiveness with his merits, but who has decided to recognize that Jesus' sacrifice covers his sins and receives the reward that God gives to the saints with the resurrection of Jesus later.

Not because he is holy, but because he has been sanctified by the blood of Jesus and lives trying to do God's will. Fully sure that he will be saved by the merit of Jesus Christ if he keeps on being guided by the Holy Spirit of God who is that force that helps him take the right option when you are tempted.

True Christian and Christianity

A true Christian in Christianity, as a person, is not necessarily better than others who are not Christians, it is more, in many cases can be a worse person. Then, their apparent good behavior is the result of the influence of the Holy Spirit of God in his life, and, although people do not consider him worthy of being a Christian. They cannot deny that he is a different person and that, without being better than others, he will receive eternal life for having believed in Jesus Christ.

Understanding that believing Jesus Christ implies recognizing oneself forgiven for all his sins and that he will be helped in the future not to sin as he did before and even to get up immediately if he makes a mistake. Because his salvation is as certain as true is the word of God: who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved, will not be tempted beyond what he can endure, and faithful is God who keeps those who trust in him without falling.

Christian Faith

A Christian shares his faith, not to convince others, as often happens with people who are looking for followers, but because he is convinced of the benefit he has received for having believed in the Son of God. And then wishes with all his heart that other people receive that same benefit because they know, in their own case, that people do not need a special attribute, intelligence, wealth, eloquence, honesty, or some other virtue, but only believe, believe in Jesus, the son of God.

This is why it is very serious to share your faith, because if people do not listen to what they should believe, how will they believe if no one preaches to them because they should listen to what they should believe in? It is the responsibility of every Christian to share what he believes, share it with his way of life and expose it as clearly as possible. In this way the Christian shows his love to his neighbor, sharing the most important thing.

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will be a Christian, but remember that you cannot believe what you do not know or do not understand, try to know, believe and understand the word of God, I assure you that you will not find contradictions.


Because the principle of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah, do not try to understand, but believe, the first thing is to believe and then understand all things. The order is this: Know, believe, understand, live as God wants, share what you believe, and live with God. Being a Christian is within your reach, no one can forbid you more than yourself.

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