Christianity And How It Started?

The very history of Christianity out there is actually the history of the well know Western civilization. The sought-after Christianity has really had an extensive influence penetration into society, in its art, the language, in the politics, even in the laws, also in the family life, even in the calendar dates, the music out there and again, in the exact way and manner in which we think. Everything has been decorated by Christianity influence for almost two millennia! Hence, it is essential that one understands the history of Christianity.

The first converted people to Christianity out there were Jews or maybe the proselytes of Judaism, and again the early church was really centered in the Jerusalem. For this reason, initially, Christianity was seen as a Jewish sect, similar to the Pharisees, Sadducees, or Essenes. Nevertheless, what the very first apostles preached indeed was completely different from the stuff some other Jewish religion groups were saying as well as teaching.

The Jesus Christ was the true Jewish Messiah that had come to accomplish or perhaps fulfill the Law of God (Matthew 5:17) and institute a New Covenant based on His death (Mark 14:24). This very message, together with its indict, that they (the religious leaders) had killed their very own Messiah, exasperated a lot of Jewish leaders, and someone, like paul (Saul of Tarsus), took drastic action to destroy the Way (the Gospel) (Acts 9: 1-2).

It is very appropriate to actually state that Christianity has got its very roots in Judaism out there. The Bible Old Testament offered the great foundation for the Bible New Testament or perhaps new covenant, and so it is not possible to fully or maybe completely comprehend Christianity, with no basic understanding of the Bible Old Testament.

The Christianity History - The Growth Development Of The Very Early Church

Not long after Pentecost, the doors of the church were opened to non-Jews. The dynamic Philip message to the Samaritans proved this (read Acts 8: 5), and so many of Samaritans believed in Jesus Christ! The apostle Peter also preached to the Gentile folks of the house of generous Cornelius (check Acts10), and these Gentile folks, too, received (helper) the Holy Spirit. One of the greatest men of God, Paul, the apostle (the same former oppressor of the church) spread the Christianity content, the gospel throughout the ancient Roman world,

By 70 AD, Jerusalem was destroyed, but the New Testament books had been completed and were circulating among (Christianity) the churches. For the next 240 years, Christian folks were greatly persecuted by Rome, sometimes at random and sometimes by government edicts.

In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the leadership of the church became more and more hierarchical as they grew in number. Many Christianity heresies were exposed and refuted during this time, and the canon of the New Testament was agreed upon. The persecution continued intensifying.

During the Middle Ages in European countries, the Roman Catholic Christianity continued to maintain power, with their heads, popes claiming authority over all levels of life and living like kings. Corruption and greed were common in the leadership of the church. From the year1095 all through 1204, the Catholic heads, popes backed a sequence of bloody as well as costly crusades to ward off Muslim advances and then liberate Jerusalem.

History Of Christianity - The Reformation

Over the years, many individuals had tried to draw attention to the theological, political as well as human rights abuses of this very Roman Church. With the great Luther came over to the Protestant Reformation, and also the Middle Ages came to an end.

The Protestant Reformation had successfully dismantled the power of the Roman Catholic Church type of Christianity and helped open the doors to the modern age Christianity. The church of GOD has also witnessed the great rise of the HOLY SPIRIT revival, that is (the Pentecostalism Christianity), the charismatic movement, and also various false sects.

Lastly, there are many churches in the Christianity today, but only one gospel. It is the faith that has once been given to the saints (Jude 3). We must be very careful to safeguard this same faith as well as share the faith without any shift. We pray the good God will continue to fulfill His promise to build His church.

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