When Was The Church Of Christ Actually Started?

The real Church started on the very Day of Pentecost; this is 50 days after the well knows Passover, while Jesus died as well as rose again. The word that is now translated as the Church originates from the Greek words which actually mean calls of the world for our great God.

The very word Church is actually used all through the Bible (the word of God) to point out all the people that have really received Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour or born again (read the book of John 3: 3). Through our faith in the very death as well as the resurrection of Christ Jesus (see Romans chaps 10: 9-10).

The same word Church, while employed to refer to all believers throughout the world, is the same with the expression of the body of Christ (read Ephesians 1: 22-23, also read Colossians 1:18).

Church First Appears

The word Church appears for the first time in Matthew 16, when Jesus says to Peter, on this rock He is going to build His Church, and then the gates of (hell) out there will never prevail against the Church. Paraphrase (verse 18). The rock here is Peter's statement: You are the Christ, the Son of the living God (verse 16).

That truth about Jesus is the foundation of the Church that has flourished for more than two thousand years. Everyone who takes that truth and makes it the foundation of his own life, becomes a member of the Church of Jesus (Acts 16:31).

Building Of God's Church

The words of Jesus, I will build my Church, were a forewarning of what was to occur when He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in the believers (John 15: 26-27; 16:13). Even so, Jesus had to submit to the cross and experience the resurrection.

After the Lord Jesus resurrection, he was never going to release His followers  (perter and the rest) to commence the work He Jesus had commissioned them to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28: 19-20) until the Holy Spirit came (Acts 1: 4- 5). The beginnings of the Church and its miraculous extension through the power of the Holy Spirit are detailed in the book of Acts.

Ten good days after the resurrected Jesus ascended straight to heaven (read the book of Acts 1: 9), the Holy Spirit (the Church helper) was really poured out on these 120 followers of Christ Jesus. They had actually waited as well as prayed as a Church (read Acts 1:15; 2: 1-4). The Jesus followers themselves that had actually trembled out there with the very fear of being known with the Lord Jesus (in the book of Mark 14:30, and also verse 50)!

These same disciples were all of a sudden empowered and equipped to boldly or courageously proclaim the great gospel of the very risen Messiah (Jesus Christ), confirming His message with signs and wonders (Acts 2: 4, 38). -41; 3: 6-7; 8: 7).

The Beginning Of The Church Involved The Jews

Thousands of Jews from all over the world had gone to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost. While there, they heard the gospel in their own language (Acts 2: 5-8), and many believed (Acts 2:41; 4: 4). Those who were saved were baptized, and many were added every day to the Church.

When the persecution was unleashed, the believers were dispersed, taking with them the message of the gospel, and the Church spread quickly in all known places on earth (Acts 8: 4; 11: 19-21). The beginning of the Church involved the Jews in Jerusalem; however, the Church soon spread to other groups of people.

The Samaritans were actually evangelized by the hand of Philip in the book of Acts chapter 8. In the book of Acts chapter 10, God actually gave apostle Peter a wonderful vision, which aided him to realize that the wonderful message of the great salvation was really not just narrow merely to the Jew folks, but also was obtainable to everyone out there that believed (Acts 10: 34-35, 45).

The Church As God Designed It

The surprising salvation in the Bible of the great Ethiopian fellow (eunuch) (you can see the book of Acts 8 verse 26 to39) and of Cornelius (see Acts 10). This miraculous salvation persuaded the Church (believers among the Jews) that this great Church of God was a lot broader as compared to what they had actually imagined.

Paul's miraculous calling on the very way to Damascus out there (check Acts 9: 1-19) opened a great for a massive spread of the great gospel in a very powerful to the Gentiles again (read Romans 15:16, 1 Timothy 2: 7). The prophetic words of Jesus to Peter before the crucifixion have proven to be true. Despite the persecution!

Lastly, the Church of God which Jesus Christ inaugurated is going to continue and endure until the very day Jesus Christ comes for us (go and check John 14: 3. And we will be united again with Jesus forever as His bride (check Ephesian chap 5:27, and also see 2 Corinthians 11: 2; then finally see Revelation chap 19: 7). The Church remains the pillar of the truth out there, thanks.


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