Condolence Flowers

At funerals, Condolence Flowers or Funeral Flowers can help you honor the memory of the deceased and accompany your loved ones in this difficult time. The Condolence Flowers symbolize the hope and rebirth of the soul of the deceased; they are a source of comfort for the family and loved ones.

However, we do not always know which Condolence Flowers or which bouquet to choose, or even in which case the flowers are welcome or not. Here are some tips to help you make your choices.

Meaning According To The Condolence Flowers And Their Color

If there is no strict rule on the Condolence Flowers to offer, the flowers and their color have a special meaning.

Meaning of the flowers

Here are the flowers most frequently proposed according to their meaning in the language of flowers:


the queens of flowers. Dark roses represent deep love.


Evokes love, passion.


Embody deep love. Also, these Condolence Flowers have the advantage of being resistant.

The heather

Symbol of strong love and sturdiness.

Other flowers are the mark of great affection:

The lily

Symbolizes purity and innocence.

Light roses

Symbolize sympathy.

At funerals, we often find:

Carnations that are the symbol of mourning and discretion. They are the perfect Condolence Flowers for deceased companionships.


Chrysanthemums symbolize eternity. They require little maintenance and bloom until the first frosts, which is why they are the flowers of All Saints.

In addition to the so-called traditional mourning flowers, today, all types of flowers and plants are used in funerary compositions: arum (which symbolizes the soul).

It Is Also Possible To Add The Condolence Flowers Preferred By The Deceased.

Meaning of colors

The Bright Flowers

Chosen to illustrate the jovial character of the deceased.

The Red

Represents love and passion, is usually reserved for the spouse and friends.

The Pastel Colors

Encourage the evocation of nostalgia, friendship. Close friends wish above all to prove their attachment and support to the family.


Symbolizes purity, which is why white Condolence Flowers are often used during child funerals.

Good to know

Artificial Condolence Flowers last longer than natural flowers. The most fragile, made of paper or silk, are kept for a few weeks, about a year when they are plastic or several years for ceramic flowers.

Forms of mortuary floral compositions

Condolence Flowers are available in various forms, the most durable compositions being those where flowers are pricked in water.

Stitched flowers


This is the most used form. A ribbon is added with a message in honor of the deceased. The crown has a longer life than a traditional bunch. In general, it is composed of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, etc.


Intended to cover the coffin, she also wears a ribbon in tribute to the deceased. It is made with roses, lilies, gerberas, etc.

In front of the tomb: the testimony of sympathy to deposit on the monument, it is a room in height. There are lilies, hydrangeas, snapdragons, etc.


There are cushions of various shapes (round, square, conical, flat, curved, etc.). These bouquets are usually offered by less close friends.


It is a particular form of cushion. It is chosen as a testimony of the love given to the deceased.

Cut flowers

The wreath is a composition of large flowers and foliage, more imposing than a traditional bouquet:

This bunch of Condolence Flowers is always very popular. It can be done freely (choice of flowers and colors) taking into account the tastes of the deceased.

Good to know: if the family does not often have the opportunity to come to the grave, she can opt for potted plants that last longer and require less maintenance.

In Jewish worship, usually, there are no flowers. However, it is not forbidden to offer it to the family. On the other hand, Orthodox worship allows flowers in small quantities. We prefer candles (their light evoking the heavenly light) to pay homage to the dead.


In any case, the advice of the florist used to prepare bouquets of Condolence Flowers will help to find the flowers that best honor the memory of the deceased while assuring the family of his support.

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