Condolence Wreath

People have been sending condolence flowers such as the Condolence Wreath, for decades. The saddening news that someone dear to you has passed will never arrive at a decent time. Afterward, it is essential to come up with ways of comforting the bereaved. Words and flowers may help should your support.

Why Send Condolence Wreath Flowers?

Well, flowers are excellent companions for your condolence message. They symbolise sympathy and love. Their freshness, beauty, and fragrance, liven up a sombre mood. Furthermore, they have comforting qualities. According to past traditions, flowers played a central role in any funeral. People would plant them around the burial site, and used them along with herbs to anoint the bodies of their deceased loved ones.

In modern funeral practices, Condolence Wreath flowers are among the most thoughtful and beautiful ways to pay tribute to the diseased. They go beyond words to give heart in a kind, special way.

What Is the Condolence Wreath?

A wreath is a collection of leaves, twigs, flowers, or fruits made to resemble a ring. They have lots of symbolism tied to them. The Condolence Wreath signifies the ‘circle of eternal life.’ That meaning came from ancient Greece. In England, wreaths were first used for funerals of young maidens. Additionally, wreaths would be laid on graves of people lost at sea, through combat.

How Are Condolence Wreath Different from Funeral Flowers?

You send funeral flowers to a funeral home directly to pay tribute to the deceased. These kinds of flowers may be formal and large. Later they may be displayed during viewing or at the graveside. You do not address the flowers to any family member of the deceased. Instead, you address them to the deceased to honour them.

On the other hand, the condolence wretch goes to the home or family of the deceased. You address the flowers directly to an acquaintance, friend, or family member who is grieving. In this case, the wretch is not large and formal. It is medium sized and can sit on tables.

What Is “In Lieu of Funeral Flowers” Mean?

Sometimes, the family may include this statement in the obituary. Typically, this message means, “send a small donation instead of flowers.” In addition, it signifies that flowers may fade, but your donation (money) might help the grieving family or someone who is living.

When you come across this statement, you can still send flowers. In this special circumstance, accompany them with a small donation. The family will appreciate the fragrance and beauty of the flowers. Your donation means your also honouring their request.

Sending Condolence Wreath Flowers for the Casket

Condolence Wreath Funeral flowers for the casket are usually reserved for the close family members. Often, the children or spouse will arrange for the flowers. If you want to send, any casket flowers, consult with the closest family members or the organising committee.

Say Thank You and Goodbye: Our Condolence Wreath

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