Exhumation Services in Singapore

Exhumation refers to the process of digging the remains of a corpse from the ground. When talking about remains, they can come in the form a body that is partially decomposed, or in the form of ashes obtained after cremation. In recent years, more and more exhumation services are being provided to cater to the growing demand in Singapore. The growing demand is mainly due to the limited burial period in Singapore - 15 years due to the land constraint here. Wanting to relocate departed family members to a centralised location for convenience when visiting could also be a reason why exhumation services are required.

Do be aware that the National Environment Agency provides exhumation services for those affected by the exhumation programme at no cost, subjected to certain conditions. Under this scheme, NEA will bear the costs of exhumation, cremation and the allocated standard niche with marble plaque. A claim has to be made within a specified period before family members would be called up for the exhumation process. The time horizon for the claimants to be called up is however currently unclear. Exhumation would then be conducted by a contractor appointed by NEA.

If timing is a concern for you and you want to circumvent the issue of being called up arbitrarily for the exhumation, do consider engaging your own private contractor to do it instead. This way, you can have more control of your time and you can also customise the entire process to best suit your needs. With the knowledge and experience garnered over the years, we can guarantee a seamless process being offered to you.

It is considered illegal and unethical to disturb human remains without the appropriate authority and right people in Singapore.

After approval is obtained from the authorities, the next thing you need to do is to make sure that the right people will do the job. While the processes may differ from one country to another, in Singapore, a clear set of regulations have been stipulated.

Procedures by the National Environment Agency (Previously by the Land Transport Authority)

Families and relatives who would like to register a claim for Exhumation need to fill in a form for registration and submit it to the relevant authorities either online, by post/fax or in-person at the Choa Chu Kang Exhumation Claims and Registration Office.

NEA/LTA will then inform the family or relatives regarding the scheduled Exhumation date. They need to be there, and present in order to witness the actual Exhumation. If they are not available, they can send some representatives instead, whilst keeping the NEA/LTA informed of such arrangements.

An appointed contractor will perform the actual process of Exhumation. The remains will then be individually cremated inside a Government crematorium. The entire procedure will be supervised by officers who will make sure that they are performed with dignity and respect.

What happens to the unclaimed graves? They will be exhumed according to the regular rules and regulations and the remains would be cremated individually. The ashes will be maintained by the relevant governing bodies and scattered at sea if they unclaimed within 3 years after the exhumation date.

Exhumation Services

If you have never experienced requesting for an Exhumation service, you may think that the entire procedure is complicated. Well, it is, especially if you do not know where to start. However, with the help of a service provider which has been in this industry for quite some time, you can have the assurance that you will be guided accordingly.

With the right people to do the job for you, there is no need to experience all the hassles and stresses related to the entire procedure. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that everything is done smoothly and that is what we will help you to achieve.

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