Free Thinker Funeral Services

What is a Free Thinker Funeral Service?

A Non Religious or Non-Believer’s funeral or what is commonly called a Free Thinker Funeral Services is very different from the religious funerals in Singapore. The commonality among all these different funerals is the grieve experienced due to us being emotionally attached the dearly departed. For the Atheist and Humanist, a Free Thinker Funeral Services is just what you would be looking for upon death.

Here are some things you can consider when pre-arranging or arranging a Free Thinker Funeral Services. You might also want to consider using Funeral Parlours (Sin Ming Parlour) as the venue to hold the wake.

1. Adhere to the Wishes of the Dead

If the person has set out his/her wishes on his/her final resting place, it is very important to follow the wishes of the dead. Sometimes, decisions like the type of casket or coffin would also already be chosen by the deceased. Note that this is why it is important to consult the family members to find out if the dearly departed has had any requests for his/her own funeral. In the absence of such requests. then should you follow the wishes of the family members. This is the a way to show that you honour the dearly departed.

2. Consult A Free Thinker Funeral Director

It is important to consult a Free Thinker Funeral director so that you get the right advice on how to go about the Free Thinker Funeral  Services.  Remember that an experienced funeral director is more knowledgeable when it comes to funeral ceremonies, and therefore you should at least consult him/her to give you the right direction when planning for a funeral.

3. Abstain From Religious Practices

At a Free Thinker Funeral, practices found in religious funeral will usually be absent. As stipulated above, the best you can do is respect the dearly departed's wishes. Therefore, refrain from imposing your own religion upon others at a Free Thinker Funeral Services.

4. Personalise the Funeral As Much As Possible

Visualise the dearly departed while alive and think of what the dearly departed likes as a person. Unleash your creativity and think out of the box for what you'd like to see at the Free Thinker Funeral Services; let us know your requests and we will try our best to meet them. Personalise the Free Thinker Funeral such that when visitors enter the funeral compound, they are immediately reminded of their dear friend who has gone to a better place. For example, if the person was an avid traveler, consider including a World Globe and an Atlas as part of the decoration.

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