Funeral Director

Planning a funeral comes with a lot of stress. During this period, all you may need is time out to grieve in peace. Not to mention, stress and emotions during this time could impede your judgment. Where can you turn to for help? A Funeral Director is a wise choice for bereaved families, who can make the process bearable. A Funeral Director helps make practical decisions on families' behalf after the relevant discussions. This allows you time to grieve and administer the estate.

What Are the Tasks of the Funeral Director?

Put simply; the Funeral Director aka Undertaker makes the process effortless. The director can help the family think through their decisions and provide comfort at this very difficult time for the death. In summary, the funeral provider will;

  • Move the body to the funeral parlour, and care for it until the cremation day.
  • Clothe the body
  • Offer advice to organise the ceremony service
  • Come up with a list of coffin bearers
  • In case of cremation, they can take care of the documentation
  • Handle the paperwork to allow the burial/cremation to go forward
  • During the ceremony, they ensure everything will happen at the precise moment, at the right time and with all the mourners present
  • Help families to make decisions by explaining the pros and cons of each choice.
  • Coordinate other paperwork and hiring vendors

Selecting a Funeral Director is pertinent. You should hire a director who is committed to providing quality services and adhering to high standards. Most people will find directors through recommendations from friends, family or local faith leaders. It is essential to ask if they have had good experiences with the professional Funeral Director like Harmony Tee.

However, take your time and decide after scheduling an appointment or speaking with them on the phone. You can interview at least two companies. So, what are questions you should to ask:

Questions to ask a director in person or through the phone;

  • How do you offer your services? Do you have package options?
  • Can I have the prices?
  • Are there any customised services offered, if we don’t need the full package?
  • If they provide coffins, also ask, can we purchase a coffin from a different supplier?
  • Can we arrange for our transport? What are other some options?
  • Is there a deposit?
  • How will we foot the bill?

Finally, if you have any special requests, talk about it with the Funeral Director, before deciding to hire. It can be anything you think of even if it has never done before in Singapore.

Can You Arrange a Funeral without the Director?

Yes. Many people choose to arrange the funeral themselves. It can be due to the costs, or they may want to make the process personal. However, prepare to comply with all the rules and regulations and go through the hassle of coordinating all the related vendors to get the needed items.

Planning a funeral can be stressful. When you work with a Christian Funeral Director, it can be however smooth and painless. They possess all the necessary expertise needed to help organise a funeral successfully. Be stress-free and contact a director today!

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