Funeral Flowers

A Guide to Funeral Flowers

Sending flowers to a Christian funeral after a loved one has died is a proper way to express your condolences. Choosing the right Funeral Flowers or Condolence Flowers can be hard. The best way to find the right one is to ask the person organising the funeral whether or not there is a colour scheme.

Flowers for the funeral represent love and sympathy, as well as immortality and eternity. They play an important part in funeral traditions because of their comforting qualities and fragrant beauty. By giving flowers, you show warmth, thoughtfulness, and compassion.

Difference between Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers go directly to the funeral home. This type of floral arrangement is usually formal and large. It provides decoration in the funeral home, as well as attribute to the deceased. Giving flowers represents paying your last respect to the deceased.

You send sympathy flowers to the home of the deceased. The sender addresses the flowers to the family of the deceased, whether it is a family member, business associate, or a friend. Sympathy flowers are smaller floral arrangements and can be used as centrepieces. Other people send plants as a sympathy gift because they serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Choosing the Appropriate Flowers

Sending flowers to a Christian funeral is not mandatory. However, it is one way people can express their love for the deceased, as well as concern for those left behind. You can order flowers from a florist and have it delivered to the funeral home.

There are different types of flower arrangements for funerals. These are wreaths, funeral crosses, posies, tied sheaf, funeral spray, coffin spray, and inside pieces.

Wreaths are circular floral arrangements that represent eternal life. They can send them to a funeral whether you are a family member or a friend. Funeral crosses are Funeral Flowers sent traditionally by close friends and family.

Posies are suitable for anyone who wants to offer one’s condolences to the family of the deceased. They are circular and can be viewed in any angle. Tied sheaf looks like a normal bouquet of flowers with no plastic around it. Instead, the flowers are tied.

Funeral spray only allows viewing from one side. A friend usually gives it to the family of the deceased. On the other hand, a coffin spray is an arrangement placed on top of the coffin. The person arranging the funeral or closed family members usually picks it.

When Not to Send Funeral Flowers

There are times when sending flowers are not appropriate. There are instances in which the family requests that donations be made instead of flowers. That’s why it is important to know what the requests of the family first before sending flowers to the funeral home.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing flowers. However, the most popular ones are chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, gladiolas, and carnations. Red roses represent love, while white lilies are for peace. If the deceased has a favourite flower, then you should consider sending an arrangement of that flower.

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