Funeral Procession

Common Christian Practice on Funeral Procession

The early part of the bible will not say much about how our ancestors disposed their dead loved ones or about the Funeral Procession. Burying their loved ones was only stated on the death of Sarah. In the New Testaments, there are parts of the scriptures that mentioned customs on funerals particularly during the times of Jesus Christ. The teachings on the bible have lead to the belief of the Christians on the afterlife. They spent most of their lives here on earth to achieve eternal life and peace on Heaven. The writings on the Bible have also inspired the customs of Christians about funerals.

Things You Probably Don’t Know about Funeral Processions

Here are some of the interesting facts about the Christian practice on Funeral Processions. You will be surprised on how they pay a great deal of attention on this event.


The driver during the Funeral Procession will be directed to drive slowly. They will be driving at an average speed of 30-40KM/H. Those who are joining the procession will need to stay close with the car. You should not give a room for the other cars that do not belong in the procession to cut you in. Depending on your location, the local traffic law will give the procession with the right-of-way. The motorists that do not belong in the convoy are expected to yield until such time that the funerals have successfully passed. You should always stay in line unless you have an emergency.

Choice of Vehicle

Christians have three options when choosing the appropriate vehicle for the Funeral Procession. They may either use funeral service car, limousine, or funeral coach. The funeral coach is the traditional method of transporting the remains to its final resting ground. Those who will choose this option should expect that there are not enough room except for the casket, the funeral director, and the driver. Limousine is an elegant and commonly-used vehicle during procession. Service vehicles can be van or sedans; it is the more cost-efficient choice.

Things to Do

As we mentioned above, the Funeral Procession should always be given with right-of-way. Apart from that, in case you are driving, and you met a Funeral Procession, every Christian is expected to respect the funeral. Most of the time, they will let the procession pass first before proceeding to their destined location. They understand that the procession should continue without any interruption. Christians are expected to honour this tradition regardless of the traffic light. They will wait for the final two vehicles that are carrying the funeral flags before the normal traffic situation will resume.

After the end of the service, the pallbearers will be expected to carry the casket and place it at the hearse. The funeral attendant will then direct the attendants to get into their vehicle and be prepared to follow the Funeral Procession. In case there are too many attendants on the funeral, the director will place flags on every third cars with bright colours.

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