Funeral Wake

What You Should Know about Funeral Wake

A Funeral Wake is an important event that is held before the final resting day. Traditionally the Funeral Wake was held in the deceased person’s house, but in the modern day, the Funeral Wake is usually conducted in any convenient place. It is important for close friends and family members to attend a Funeral Wake as a sign of respect to and love to the person who is deceased and also to be together with the family of the deceased.

When attending a Funeral Wake, it is important to observe the etiquette associated with the Funeral Wake which obviously depends on the deceased society norms, the religion and also the general funeral ethics. Some people might not be allowed to attend the Funeral Wake because of the past relationship with the deceased. If allowed, it is important to observe the following.

Don’t Cause Unnecessary Concerns That Disturb the Family of the Deceased

This is a grieving time, and therefore the least you can do is observe peace and don’t cause drama at the Funeral Wake. Some people will use the Funeral Wake as an opportunity to distract the planned funeral service, and this should not be the case. Therefore if the deceased owed you or you had a relationship with him or her that was not officially known, that is not the right quorum for you to air your grievances. Just hold your peace and seek other avenues without disturbing the Funeral Wake attendees.

Try and Hold/Control Emotions When Called to Speak

At the Funeral Wake, the setting is more or less like will be at the funeral service and therefore it is important not to cause unnecessary emotions. Definitely, everyone is at a loss and therefore if you can’t hold your emotions, just walk out and cry outside or avoid coming to the Funeral Wake if you can’t control yourself. This is not meant to mean that you should not grieve with the family, but it is important to avoid causing too much emotion and instead supporting the family when they are at loss.

Adhere to the Families Religious Belief

Attending a Funeral Wake means you have already done the background check and you know what needs to be done like the religious belief to follow. At that moment, it is assumed that all the attendees are together with the family in terms of religious belief and other matters. Therefore if you see something that doesn’t agree with your religious belief keep it to yourself. Don’t start arguing with the people. If there is anything that needs to be highlighted, it will be done by the clergy people of the same denomination as the deceased.

It is important to prepare in advance for the Funeral Wake, and this only involves acquainting yourself with the practices to expect. If you are from a different community from the diseased person, learn what to expect from another person before attending the Funeral Wake if you must.

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