The Top 7 Monuments In Singapore

Examples of Monuments consist of statues, (war) memorials, historic structures, archeological places, and then cultural assets. Travelers are voting Merlion, Civil War Memorial, and Chijmes as the best of 7 Monuments in Singapore. Also popular are The Cenotaph in Downtown Core, Early Founders Memorial Stone in Marina Bay and SGH War Memorial in Chinatown. Do you want to know them? Check out our content of Monuments in Singapore.


The great Merlion is indeed a fabulous creature designed as the head of a very great lion as well as the stunning body of a beautiful fish, employed as the country mascot as well as the national epitome of Singapore. The Merlion name combines mer which means the sea as well as the lion. The great fish body symbolizes Singapore's origin just as a fishing community while it was known or perhaps called Temasek, and that implies a sea area in Javanese. And again, the lion head stands for Singapore's real and original name, Singapura – which mean lion city or maybe Kota Singa.

Merlion is one of the top Monuments in Singapore; the emblem was created by a well known Fraser Brunner, a very popular member of the Souvenir Committee and also curator of the famous Van Kleef Aquarium, for the beautiful logo of Singapore.

Civil War Memorial

Civil War Memorial is one of Singapore's most famous iconic Monuments of heritage. Positioned in the War monument Park at the Beach path in the Central spot, around the Singapore's CBD, it is typically straightforward to spot in nearly all backdrops surrounding the Central Business District landscape.

The very design itself was visualized by one of the countr's most repute architects, the well known Leong Swee Lim (1935 to the year 2002).


The stunning Chijmes is indeed a complex historic building in Singapore country, which started life being a Catholic convent well-known as the great Convent of the GodHoly Child Jesus Christ as well as the rooms of the convent known being Caldwell House. The monument is positioned on Victoria lane, in the heart of downtown, in the Central region, the CBD of Singapore.

This complex of convent Monuments has a stunning Gothic-style chapel. It was employed as a Catholic convent for 131 years, with Caldwell House built in 1840-1841

The Cenotaph

The popular cenotaph was constructed in memory of the 124 British soldiers born or residing in Singapore who gave their very own lives in the First World War (1914-1918), with a second dedication (but not the names) that is added in memory of those who died in the Second World War (1941-1945). The cenotaph also is one among the top Monuments in Singapore.

Early Founders Memorial Stone

Generally called the first founders Stone Memorial is one of the national Monuments that is dedicated to the first founders ("The unknown immigrants") of Singapore. The original idea was put forward by an alumni association, and an open design competition was held for the memorial project.

The foundation stone was initially built along Collyer Quay Street outside the Fullerton Hotel in 1970. After a series of setbacks as well as delays, the project was finally scrapped after no decent design was accepted, this proved to be the foundation stone of the monument later. In 2000, the monument was transferred to the National Archive of Singapore in Canning Rise where it is today.

SGH War Memorial

This monument (SGH) marked the tragedy and the burial site of a group of medical students from the King Edward VII College of Medicine, who were killed during World War II in Singapore. In the year 2005, the great memorial, alongside with some 8 other great historic SGH sites, was integrated or perhaps incorporated being part of the great Outram Campus Heritage Trail which allows visitors to travel around or discover important historical Monuments that are very much connected to the great history of medical culture in Singapore.

Town Hall

The Singapore City Hall is indeed a great national monument located opposite the historic Padang and next to the country Supreme or perhaps the Apex Court of Singapore; it was created as well as built by the popular architects of the municipal govt out there, Gordans A. and Meadows FD 1926 to the year 1929. A staircase leads visitors to the Corinthian colonnade with the main building.

The building was built to replace several houses designed by architect GD Coleman. At first, it was known as a municipal structure or perhaps building until the year 1951 while Singapore nation was granted the city status by the renowned King George VI.

Lastly, should there be a public interest in Monuments preservation, a monument could, for instance, be listed being a UNESCO World Heritage Place. These are the top 7 Monuments in Singapore, and you will never go wrong visiting any of the locations.

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