In the Religion, there is a real and ultimate encounter of man with God, because God has become a man. What man can say about God is subject to the limitation and imperfection of man. That is why there are more or less perfect Religions, insofar as they express better or worse what God is.

If Religion is presented as originated by an action of God, which has spoken of itself to men, through men chosen for it and in a language that God himself has promoted, that Religion will have the maximum guarantees of perfection and fullness.

This is the case of the Religion, which collects all that God said about himself and the world in the revelation of the Old Testament, to prepare the coming of the Messiah. The Religion-contains, also, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who is, at the same time, God and man and who has spoken to us of himself, of God, of man, and of the world.

Both in the Old Testament and in the revelation made by Jesus Christ, God has endorsed his words with superhuman facts (miracles), which are signs of his power over all things.

Not Just A Religion but It Is A Definitive Encounter With God

In the Religion, there is the definitive encounter of man with God, because God has become a man. Christianity is not, therefore, a search for God by man, but a descent of God himself to the level of man. In this way, despite its limited nature, man can reach a very intimate communication with God.

In fact, God made a man, and this was actually manifested in many ways until the time of the incarnation of the Word. This really is why the Letter to the Hebrews states: -Many times, and in many forms, God once spoke to our fathers through the ministry of the prophets; lately, these days, he spoke to us through his very ownSon- (1, l).

This humanity universal design of God for the salvation of the man race is not only accomplished in a way, in a certain secret way, in the soul of men, or also by efforts, even religious, with which they seek in many ways to God.

To see if they grope or touch him since he is not far from each one of us at any time (Acts 17, 27); because these efforts need to be enlightened and healed!

Although, by benign determination of God's providence, they can be considered almost as a pedagogy towards the true God, or perhaps as a preparation of the Gospel!

Jesus Christ Illuminates The Mystery Of Man In The Religion

As a result of original sin, a man had lost the true purpose of his life. Our Lord Jesus Christ, in addition to saving us, has illuminated human life itself from Religion. Our Lord Jesus Chris has shown us the way to be true men, according to the plan that God had from the beginning. Jesus Christ has said of himself that he is the Way, Truth, and Life - (John 14, 6); This means that man finds in his works and in his words the necessary lights to accommodate their behavior.

Influence Of Christianity Religion On Culture

The Religion has come to save man from his woe. By influencing man, influences what it produces, which is culture. It is complicated to summarize the impact of Christianity on culture globally; Western culture could be said to be the very result of Greco-Roman culture and well as Christianity.

Christianity Religion applied everything positive that it detected in the culture of the Roman world. Christianity Religion had no objection to doing so, simply because the Christian writers of the first centuries considered that the high cultural level reached by Greece and Rome was the fruit of divine Providence since God had wanted to prepare thus the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Apart from these human values, Religion has promoted music, art, literature, etc. Suffice it to recall, as an illustration that thanks to the work of copyists of medieval monks.

Lastly, the Good News of Jesus Christ invariably renews the life and culture of fallen man; this is indeed more than just a Religion. It combats and eliminates the errors and evils that come from the permanent seduction of sin. Purifies and elevates the morale of the peoples. With the riches of the high fruitful as from their entrails the spiritual qualities and traditions of each people

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