What Is The Significance Of The Resurrection?

The meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is Salvation and Eternal Life for humanity, for everyone who believes in the only Son of the most God, who became a man to die for all sinners and save us from eternal punishment. The Resurrection means the victory of Jesus over sin and redemption for the sinner.

Sin entered the entire world through the disobedience of the first man and the consequences of such sin, such as curse, disease, and death, have been our inheritance for centuries. However, God knows beforehand the impossibility of saving us through our works!

It does not matter how well we behave; we would always be in debt before the perfect sanctity of the one and perfect God, decided to offer his only Son, good and without blemish to save us. And this plan was carried through the birth, death and the Resurrection of the son of the living God.

To him (our Lord Jesus) that knew no sin (he is free from iniquity), he made him (Jesus) to be ѕіn for us, that we may be made (become, turned) the righteousness (free from sin) of God in him (Jesus), 2 Corinthians 5:21. It was necessary a perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God, whose bloodshed, completely cleanse our sins.

But God the father shows his very own love for us, in that even while we (you and I) are still sinners (ungodly), Jesus Christ died for us (you and I), you want to see Romans 5: 8, and when he rose again, he won for us the second death, which would mean living away from God for all eternity, Revelation 20: 14. That was his gift, a gift of priceless love, to give his holy life for all of us sinners.

The Resurrection Of Jesus Means Redemption

If the Resurrection of Jesus means redemption, Salvation and Eternal Life, how do we receive it? Although it is not so difficult, it does require a lot of commitment.

To become a true Christian, we must first repent of our sins of heart, surrender our lives completely to Jesus Christ, believing in (Resurrection)  that Jesus Christ died and resurrected for us, accept His Lordship in our walk through the world, that is, submit to His Will and Authority. So that we may be completely transformed by the Holy Spirit, dying to the flesh and reborn in the spirit.

The Resurrection of Jesus must bring us an intentional change of life, living in holiness and at the same time leaving sin behind because we no longer have to be slaves of sin but of Jesus Christ to whom we owe everything and because God demands it. He said to be holy because I am holy.

Resurrection Is Associated With Jesus Christ

Now we must live for Christ, follow him, study his Word as well as believe in the Resurrection teaching conscientiously, also love our neighbor and God above all and share the Gospel to every creature, because it is a mandate from God, as expressed in the book of Mark 16:15.

In Christian countries, the Resurrection is usually associated exclusively with Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after he died on the cross. This miracle is celebrated on holiday known as Easter.


There is no scientific argument that can explain how a man who was tortured to death and buried can, three days later, return to life. Similarly, there is really no evidence that shows that a person, more than two thousand years ago, achieved the Resurrection. All these are a supernatural encounter which can be initiated by GOD alone.

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