Harmony Tee is a funeral director or mortician is commonly known as an Undertaker. One offers embalming and funeral services for the dead. While it is not something most people will consider as a career, it is a very reliable and stable field. Death is inevitable, and a proficient funeral director can develop a substantial business.

To have what is take to become a funeral director, you need to become a master of several skills. First, you need to know the best embalming practices, and how to handle the dead safely. You need to have a strong understanding of various subjects that include pathology, chemistry, and microbiology.

An Undertaker must also be good on the business side of a funeral company. One needs to have a grasp of traditional business practices in Singapore, as well as understand the legal duties concerning the operations of a funeral company.

There are also the social aspects of mourning and grief that the funeral director needs to understand. It is important to know the cultural and religious perceptions of the residents of Singapore. That way the business can cater to a more diverse customer base.

Duties of an Undertaker

A funeral director's job is to be responsible for transporting the body of the dead person to the funeral parlour. One will prepare the body for burial. Most Undertakers employ the services of cosmetic artists and embalmers to preserve the body and make it look like the deceased is only sleeping during the service. Some funeral directors have the skills and experience to do the tasks on their own.

The funeral director also organises other services as requested by the family that might include a viewing and a funeral service held at the chapel of the funeral home or at the cemetery. The Undertaker is in charge of the coffin or casket, catering, seating, flowers, and other details.

Arranging the funeral services and preparing the bodies are just some of the tasks of a funeral director. Being experts in coping with all the aspects of death, the funeral director offers a wide range of services to help families during their grieving process.

The funeral director might contact the life insurance company of the deceased, submit an application for death benefits, arrange obituaries, and advise the family about bank accounts, income taxes, and utilities. Most Undertakers offer the advance sale of services that assure their clients that their wishes are carried out when the time comes.

Other Scopes of an Undertaker

A funeral director handles the paperwork regarding the person’s death that includes submitting papers required for a death certificate. One also notifies the appropriate insurance companies of the death.

Most funeral directors work in a funeral home or crematory. The workplace can be challenging emotionally and physically. It is also stressful at times. The Undertaker works on the details of the funeral between 24 and 72 hours after the death of a person. There are instances when they handle more than one funeral in a day. One works irregular hours that include weekends and evenings. They are on call and will be there when clients need them.

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