What You Might Consider When Choosing an Urn

Losing a loved one can be an emotional roller coaster for family members. When it comes to the final resting place, you need to consider the wishes of your loved one. Furthermore, religion might be a factor to consider as well. For those who prefer cremation, choosing an Urn requires careful considerations.

The first legitimate question would be: What is an Urn?

Definition of An Urn

An Urn is a tall rounded vase that has a base and stem and is used to store the remains of a loved one after cremation. After the passing of a family member, those who chose to cremate have to decide what to do with the ashes. The ashes can be scattered into the sea, made into memorabilia, replanted into trees or even be launched into space! The possibilities are endless. In Singapore however, the most common thing to do with the ashes is to store them in an Urn to be placed in a niche purchased at a columbarium.

So how do you choose the best Urn? You need to consider the following factors.

What Is the Size of the Urn Required?

You need to get the correct size of the Urn, and therefore you should consult the crematory director to help in choosing the appropriate size. The weight will of course vary depending on the size of the Urn. Therefore if you are to carry the Urn with you make sure that the weight of the Urn will be manageable.

How Will the Urn Be Used?

It’s important to have an Urn that will serve your purpose. Remember that different families will different preferences on how to honor their loved ones after death. Therefore if you want to carry the Urn for display purposes, it is important that you choose a more attractive and a grander design. The Urn can be made of different material - metal, ceramic, marble and glass. Take time to consider which material the dearly departed would prefer most and to consider which material would pragmatically serve its purpose best.

If you want to store the urn at the columbarium, seek the counsel of the funeral director who can better assist you.

In Singapore, there are 3 government-managed columbaria namely the Mandai Columbarium, Choa Chu Kang Columbarium and the Yishun Columbarium. There are also private columbaria all around Singapore.

What Urn Designs Are Available?

Urns have limitless designs, and therefore you can choose widely. However, remember that the deceased might have specified the specific Urn to be used and in such cases, you should make sure that you follow the last wishes of the deceased. The different Urn styles available include a Patriotic Urn, Religious Urn, Biodegradable Urn, polished wood, handmade Urn, infant, children, and adult Urns, pet Urns and many other designs. Urns also come in different colors although the color most commonly sought after is marble white.

Price of the Urn

The Urns have different prices depending on the size, design and the material used  Choosing of Urns is a very personal choice as what is seen as nice to one may not be viewed the same way by another. However, depending on the family financial muscle, you should choose the most appropriate Urn that should minimally serve its purpose.

The purchase of an Urn should not add too much to the financial burden of family members. Engaging the right personnel to assist you would definitely help to ensure this.

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